Fun Facts About Casino Games And Playing Online

Fun Facts About Casino Games And Playing Online

The online gambling industry is simply huge and with billions of dollars exchanging accounts every year, it is one that is always moving forward, always changing and always getting better. Between all the moving parts and stats, there are quite a few fun facts which every player can find interesting and we will take a look at some of them right now.


1) The gross win for the entire gambling market worldwide is estimated to reach 390 billion dollars for 2019. 37 billion from this amount will be won by players in the interactive sector and overall the figures represent a huge increase across the past decade of over 50%.

2) The numbers for the year leading up to September 2019 show that the United Kingdom market had a gross yield of $11 billion, showing a 5% increase if we compare it to the previous year.

3) The betting industry in the UK is split into several options and the one with the highest market share is sports betting at 46%, followed by remote betting at 19% and casinos at 16%.

4) A total of 18.14 million accounts were active at UK gambling websites in the period starting from October 2018 and ending on September 2019. This represents a growth in users of 1.15 million accounts if compared to the first half of 2018.

5) The biggest prize ever won from online games came from the slot machine Mega Fortune and it was worth an astonishing €17,861,813. The lucky player hit the record-setting jackpot in January 2018.

6) After Great Britain, the biggest online casino markets in Europe are Germany, Italy and France.

7) The start of the online casino industry took place with the legalization in Antigua and Barbuda in 1994 and it provided the grounds for internet gambling.

8) Microgaming came into the scene as the first online casino software provider and it continues to be one of the biggest brands in the business, with new releases taking place every month.

9) 15 websites for online casino games using real money were launched before the year 1996 ended and the number increased to 200 in the next year.

10) Most of the big online casinos now are not associated with any land-based brands. One of the reasons for this is that the start of the industry didn’t show enough stability for the big companies to take a risk and this allowed new operators to take over the internet sector.

11) All reliable online casinos have return rates higher than 90% and this means that they only get less than 10% of the total amount of bets placed on the sites, while the players win the rest back.

12) Slot machines are by far the most popular, both in land-based casinos and on the internet, and they can come in hundreds of different variants that have different themes, features and reward functions.

13) 13 is one of the most played numbers on roulette despite the fact that it is considered unlucky.

14) The name for slot machines can be different depending on the region and they are called fruit machines in Great Britain, pokies in New Zealand and Australia and puggy as a slang used in Scotland.

15) Blackjack received its name in American casinos although it was invented in France as ving-et-un, or twenty one. The new title came from a feature that paid 10:1 when a hand was made out of a black Jack (clubs or spades) and an Ace of spades. This bonus was eliminated in time.

16) All the numbers from a roulette wheel add up to 666.

17) 17 is actually the most played number in roulette and this is due in some part to the fact that it is the number James Bond played in the movies.

18) Las Vegas casinos added an additional green pocket for double-zero and this increased the house edge from the European version. When they included the original version, players complained about it and demanded the American one back.

19) The deck of cards used now was first created in Europe in the 1300s.

20) The suits used for a deck of cards represent Royalty with Spades, Merchants with Diamonds, Peasants with Clubs and the Clergy with Hearts.

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