GTA 5 The Casino Experience

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South African online casino players today have a lot of opportunities to get the real gambling experience, just like the one they can in a real land-based casino. Online casino sites, for one, allow them to get that experience with the huge choice of games on offer. Two, Live Casino games are allowing them to participate in the games interactively, by talking to the real-life dealer, make decisions in real-time and change their strategies right then and there, thanks to the live-streamed action.
The only thing that is missing with these two is that a player cannot actually walk around the casino floor as it would in a land-based casino. That’s where GTA 5 comes in. Grand Theft Auto 5 is a video game, as you may as well know, but one which, among many other establishments, features a casino resort where you can walk in, play at and leave whenever it suits you, called Diamond Casino & Resort.

Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5

If you’re a video gamer AND an online casino player, you must try out this game. But first, check out all the information you need about it before you get started with it. We’ll guide you through the whole experience, from the minute you walk in.


The Casino & Resort Establishment

When you first enter Diamond Casino & Resort, you are blinded by the huge screens surrounding the casino floor, space where the table games are. You can see people gambling, chatting and just hanging around.
But then, as you turn around, you see a huge, sports car put on a pedestal. You can win this car if you get lucky on the massive Wheel of Fortune that welcomes you as you enter. You just need to get your avatar close to the wheel to make a spin. The arrow may land on a cash prize, clothing or that luxury car that you saw.

Wheel of Fortune in GTA 5

We’ll get into mods detail about the games available in short, but let’s take a look at the establishment first. As you go from one room to another, you see bars all over, and people sitting around them, relaxing, sipping their drinks. You can order champagne, beer, cocktails, whatever you want. Instead of actual walls in most of these rooms, you can see screens everywhere, displaying diamonds falling from the sky, with special 3D effects.
As you continue wandering the halls, you enter the elevator that can take you to your room or the spa. You can take a breather and release yourself in the hot tub. When relaxed enough, you can just put on your clothes and continue right where you left, since all halls have a game you can sit down and play while passing by.
The restrooms are lavish, too. They are all pitch-black, with silver details, as are the hallways leading to them. Essentially, each room and hall is a new experience. You will see that the establishment is really huge, a lot has been invested in it. You can tell that it can accommodate a lot of guests, and attend to their needs and desires. On that note, there’s a store inside the establishment, where you can buy yourself a new suit, all kinds of gadgets, suitcases, jewellery and more.


Games Available on the Casino Floor

Now, get ready to be psyched, because Diamond Casino & Resort has all of your favourite games. As a South African player, you are used to the massive choice of games at your disposal across the best casino sites, but the experience you’ll get playing at the casino in GTA 5 will be unrivalled.
There are at least three reasons why. First, your avatar actually sits on the tables and is in on the action. Two, you watch the dealer handle the cards attentively and you’re at the edge of your seat the whole time in anticipation for the next card. And three, you can change the camera view to immerse yourself in the whole experience further, the way that you want to. The best part? If you’re playing the game with a friend, your friends can join the same tables with you, and you can gamble together, against each other or the dealer!
The first table you’ll notice, thanks to the spinning wheel that never stops, is roulette. More precisely, the American Roulette variant. As you may as well know, American Roulette is the double zero variants, where you get one more bet option when compared to the European variant.

American Roulette in GTA 5

You will see the instructions display on the left of the screen, telling you which button to press to bet and informing you whether your bet has lost or won. The most you can bet per spin is 5,000 credits. On the bottom right, you see the bet history, the game rules and the options for the camera view, depending on how you want to see the action, via the layout, the wheel cam, or the reaction cam.
Three Card Poker is the next game you’ll see. You can see your cards as the dealer deals them from afar, or adjust the camera to zoom them in so that you can see them up close.

Three Card Poker in GTA 5

Again, in the right bottom corner of the screen, you have the game rules, but you also have the button to press to check out on the poker hand rankings, if you’re uncertain whether you’re holding a high hand.
Blackjack is another game you’ll come across. As per usual, this is the table where you can place the biggest bet, and of course, win the biggest payout. The max bet in the game is 50,000 credits.

Blackjack in GTA 5

The rules of the game are in the right corner, and at any point, you click on the two options next to them, to get a better view of yours or the dealer’s cards. You can raise your bet at any point, as well, double down, or split your hand, just like you would on any blackjack variant.
If there’s one thing that never lacks on any casino floor, Diamond Casino & Resort included is the slot machine. Wherever you turn, you see slot machines. They are basically on every corner. You can see the Diamond Deluxe, Twilight Knife, Impotent Rage and Republican Space Rangers, among other popular slot machines.

Slot Machine in GTA 5

The deity of the Sun is one of the slots available. In real one-armed-bandit-style, you can pull the lever and watch the reels deliver the symbols. You can press the buttons to bet and watch and celebrate if you win. On the bottom right corner, you can see the rules of the game, the Bet One option which cost 500 Chips and the Bet Max option which costs 2,500 Chips. You have the green Spin button there, too.
Finally, you have an extra chance for betting, horse racing betting. You enter a large room with roof-to-floor screens streaming the live horse race.

Horse Racing Betting Live Race in GTA 5

You get a betting slip where you can place your bet on your favourite horse.

Horse Racing Betting in GTA 5

You take a seat and you watch the live-action, the race. During the race, as you can see on the top left corner of your screen, you can place another live bet, if you believe another horse would win, or you can exit. On the bottom right corner, you see the current leading horse, and the odds you get if you place a bet on it.


A Whole New Level of Casino Fun

While it’s true that South African players can join a regular online casino and play any game they want, playing at the GTA 5 virtual casino, Diamond Casino & Resort, gives you entertainment on a new level, even if you’re not into video games at all. The fact that you can roam the halls of the establishment, picking the game you want to play, sitting down and being in on the action can get you this exhilarating feeling, this engagement that you can never get while playing at an online casino, not even when playing a Live Casino game.
The creators of the game, Rockstar Games, really put in a lot of effort to recreate the land-based casino and resort energy. The visuals are out-of-this-world, immersing you in the game even further. Therefore, if you still haven’t tried it, make sure you do. You will absolutely love the entire experience, and you won’t regret spending your precious time playing it. The best part? When you get tired of playing the game for fake, video game money, you can start using real money and make things even more interesting. You can invest real money to buy in-game chips then gamble with them. While you cannot really cash your winnings out in real money, you can later use them to purchase in-game features, decorate your penthouse suite, change your outfit and buy things in the Casino Store. When you add the items from the store to your collection, you become an elite group member and get a VIP status. So, the fun can only keep ongoing. Try it and you’ll see!

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