Land-Based vs Online Casinos

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Many players are probably wondering which casino and gameplay experience is better for them? Land-based, or maybe the one they may have on their phone or a desktop computer? What are the differences? What, and how do you decide?

Today we will compare both possibilities and see if we can choose one that comes up on top.


Casino Bonuses

Here the online casino is unrivaled. No matter which one you choose, you can count in all of the online casinos for some kind of bonus, being without a deposit or for a reward for new players and their first deposit (quite often for the first 3 deposits).

Also, casinos online have many additional bonuses for regular players, such as weekly or holiday bonuses and special promotions.

There are no terrestrial casinos that have this option, and if a player bonus appears, it is unique, its amounts are low and strictly limited in time.  To be able to play at a ground casino, you have to convert your money into special chips, without this you will not be able to play. Thus, we can’t count – as in an online casino – that we’ll get a discount rate for just entering the casino for the first time.


Choice of games

Here, too, the prevalence of the land belongs to online casinos (although we must point out that not all). Their advantage here results from a simple reason.

A land-based casino has limited space on which it can lay down game tables or set up slots. Thus, our choice is limited to those tournaments and card games that are currently organized. We can only play the games that standing machines make available. We cannot count on a weekly increase in new titles.

There is no physical space in online casinos, so the casino can have 10 or 1000 games. We can choose between slot machine games, table games played with a computer, or live casino entertainment.

Online casinos also often update their offers with news, and there is no shortage of these in the gambling market.


Payment Methods

Here the needle tips a bit towards the ground casino side. In fact, all we have to do is to exchange our money for chips when we enter the casino and when we go out again to exchange chips for money.

We don’t have to worry whether the casino accepts the form of the transfer we choose and how many days it will take to send us the winnings.

Unfortunately, at online casinos, although payment is not too complicated, it requires more effort. We need to check which payments that certain casino supports and have the right electronic wallets. In the case of South African players, there is also a change of currency, because many foreign casinos do not accept South African Rand.

Another disadvantage of online casinos is that they often force a certain amount of bets on a player. Just as the mentioned bonuses look great and are a great convenience, they impose an obligation on the players to spin the winnings a certain number of times.

While in a ground casino any winnings can be withdrawn immediately.



The ground casino also wins here. At the moment, online casinos in terms of the atmosphere, have not much to offer as a competition to land-based, apart from attractive graphics.

Ground casinos, on the other hand, are crowds of other players, characteristic casino sounds, alcohol, or cigarette smoke. This is a climate that cannot yet be remotely counterfeited and is not even remotely reflected in an online casino.



For South African players the availability of ground casinos is low. Currently, there are 39 legally operating casinos across the country. So it’s no wonder that for a player from South Africa, even the greatest advantages of ground casinos are lost to the easy availability of online casinos. Online casinos are available right away, you only need the Internet.

But which one is better? This decision depends on our preferences. Are we only interested in a game that is always at hand, or do we want to integrate with other players?

The answer is yours.