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As an online casino player looking for South African casinos to join, you must have been amazed by all the bonuses and promotions you’re seeing across these sites. These bonuses are promising bonus matches, Free Spins, cashback, and many other boosters that would allegedly make your online gambling experience more rewarding.

And while all of that is true, bonuses do provide you with something extra to kick start your experience, they also come with a catch. That catch is known as playthrough or wagering requirements. What are wagering requirements and why they are a tricky thing that could turn your entire gambling experience across South African sites upside down if you don’t understand them?

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Wagering Requirements Explained

When you’re looking for an offer to claim, either as a new player trying to join a new South African casino or as an existing player trying to play with more, you see that the offer comes with Terms and Conditions for the bonus. The Terms and Conditions are usually written with tiny letters at the bottom of the offer. Or, they are written on a separate, standalone Bonus Terms and Conditions page. When you take a good look at those Terms and Conditions, you see a multiplier called a wagering requirement. But what is a wagering requirement exactly and why is it present there?
A wagering requirement is a condition you need to meet in order to make your bonus and the money you win with withdrawable. The multiplier you see essentially tells you how much you need to wager before you can turn the bonus money into real money. You need to clear the wagering requirements before you can even think of putting in a request to withdraw the money you’ve won with it.
The wagering requirements multiplier is usually anywhere from 10x to 45x the bonus amount. That means that if, for instance, you want to claim a ZAR1,600 bonus with a 30x wagering requirement, you would need to deposit and play through ZAR48,000 in real money bets before you can even think of withdrawing the money you’ve won with the bonus.
Now, you would wonder, why are these wagering requirements really necessary? The wagering requirements were introduced by operators as a means to protect themselves from fraudulent activities. Players were abusing bonuses in the past, by going from online casino to online casino and claiming the bonuses without any attention of staying at the sites. Casinos were at a loss since players were only using the bonuses to make some easy money and were then abandoning them for good.

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Why Claim a Bonus with Wagering Requirements?

Looking at the above-explained example, you would ask yourself: why would I want to claim a bonus if it comes with wagering requirements? Well, the answer is not so plain and simple, but you can work things out.
The thing is, bonuses are great, and you can clear the wagering requirements one way or another, only if you’re planning to stay on the site for a long period of time. That’s precisely what wagering requirements are for, to make you stay at the site longer.
That’s why you should only claim a bonus at an online casino if you intend to stay with that site longer. And that’s why you need to be thorough and decisive when choosing a new South African casino to join. Once you find one that suits you in all aspects, and you plan on staying with it for a long period of time, you are free to claim a bonus without overthinking the wagering requirements. And do you know why? Well, because if you plan on staying with the casino long, you will eventually deposit the money required even if you didn’t claim the bonus.
Of course, you need to think about one other thing. As introduced, the wagering requirements can be anywhere from 15x to 45x. Therefore, when choosing a bonus to claim, make sure you choose the one that requires the lowest multiplier. To compare, the first example whereupon a ZAR1,600 bonus with 30x wagering requirements you would need to deposit and play through ZAR48,000, if the bonus was with 15x wagering requirements, you would need to play through ZAR24,000, and that’s far less. That’s a reasonable wagering requirement, and one you could easily clear.

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How to Beat Wagering Requirements?

You should know right away that you cannot go around wagering requirements. Even if you tried to, the casino is one step ahead of you. Even if you wanted to just take your bonus, use it, cash out your winnings and leave, you won’t be able to. If you read the Terms and Conditions carefully, you’ll see that the rules are clear: you must go through the wagering requirements if you want to withdraw your winnings. Therefore, if the wagering requirements are not cleared, the casino won’t cash out your winnings.
But, you can relax, because there’s no need of going around the wagering requirements when you can actually beat them. You just need to know which games to play to achieve that faster. That being said, you need to know that different games contribute differently towards the wagering requirements. Usually, this is also specified in the Terms and Conditions of the offer.
For instance, the best games to play to go through the wagering requirements faster are slots. If you’re a slots player, you already know that they are fun games for which you do not need to possess any skills. These are games of luck. Therefore, they contribute to the playthrough requirements at a 100% rate. Since you do not have any control over the gameplay, and your chances of winning cannot be increased, all the real money bets you place on a slot machine are reduced from the money you are required to go through to clear the wagering requirements. Other games that contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements are other chance-based games like scratchcards and keno.
Table games and Live Casino games, on the other hand, contribute less to the wagering requirements, as they require skills. As games of skill, where you can influence the outcome with your decisions, these games contribute only 5% to 20% to the wagering requirements, depending on the online casino’s policy.


What to Remember

It should be clear to you by now that reading the Terms and Conditions before you claim a bonus is crucial, but this cannot be emphasized enough. Before you claim any bonus, regardless of whether it comes with high or low wagering requirements, you must read the Terms and Conditions.
In there, you will learn about other bits and pieces you need to know about the wagering requirements. For instance, you may learn that you have a deadline to play through them. The casino has the freedom to set a date, for instance, give you a week until you meet the wagering requirements. Depending on the multiplier, you may not be able to meet the playthrough requirement in such a short period of time.
Or, the casino may specify the exact amount of money you have to wager each round that would contribute to the wagering requirements. Often, that’s the maximum bet allowed on the games you want to play, and any bets larger than that one would result in counterfeiting your bonus money and winnings.
The conclusion is evident: always choose a bonus offer with the lowest wagering requirements, which you can meet in a reasonable amount of time. Study the Terms and Conditions, and do not accept a bonus unless everything written in the Terms and Conditions is clear to you.

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