Which card games have the best odds at the casino?


When it comes to playing online casino games, players have one thing on their minds: how to beat the dealer and win the best possible payout. And basically, that’s what casino games are for. But, there’s this fact that beginners might not know, and that’s the fact that some card games give you a lower house edge, hence, better odds to win.

The thing is, the Return to Player percentage or the RTP is what you should be looking for when trying to find a game to play. This is the percentage of funds you are given back if you win, and the rest of the funds contribute to the game’s payout potential. For instance, if a game has a 97% RTP and you invest ZAR100, should you win, you will get back ZAR97 and the ZAR3 will be taken by the game as a house edge. This means that the higher the RTP the more funds you get back. On the other hand, it means that the lowest the house edge, the more funds for you to collect.

Therefore, when choosing a casino game to play, regardless of whether you’re playing at an online casino or at a land-based one, you should first find out the RTP or the house edge the games are offering. The higher the RTP, the lower the house edge, the better the payouts; remember that formula!

South African players, however, would be happy to learn that we’ve distinguished the card games with the best odds, and we’ve analyzed them for you. In this article, you will learn which games could provide you with the top payouts, provided you know how to play them.



Blackjack is by far the most rewarding game, considering it has a really low house edge, the lowest of all card games out there. The house edge goes from 1.5% to 1%, meaning the RTP you’ll be getting with it is around 98.5% to 99%. This RTP, compared with the average RTP of 96% with slots, for instance, is extremely convenient.

Regardless of the blackjack variant, you choose to play, you will see that you won’t get an RTP lower than 98%. But the single deck game is the most rewarding of them all. Plus, your chances of actually mastering the game and winning the best payouts are significantly improved.

All you need to do to win this game is get the right bankroll management, use the basic blackjack strategy and you’ll see that you’ll end up with massive payouts at the end of the round.

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Baccarat also offers a low house edge, and consequently a decent RTP. The average house edge for this game is 1.5%, but variants may offer a different one, as well as different casinos.

What’s great about this game is that it is significantly easier to learn to play it, and it takes a lot less effort to master it. There are three basic bets you can put wagers on, the Banker, the Player and the Tie. They are pretty self-explanatory since you would be betting on whether the banker’s, the player’s (yours) will win or whether it would be a tie. Now, there are some more sophisticated and innovative variants where additional side bets are allowed, but even if you’re playing the three basic bets, you would have a splendid time and you will win some excellent prizes.

Of course, there are many baccarat strategies that you can explore, to find the one that suits your style and budget, but even if you go with the basic one, you’ll definitely have fun with it!

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Three Card Poker

As you may as well know, most poker variants offered across online casinos today have been inspired by Texas Hold’em. Therefore, most of them revolve around the same card values and poker hands.

Three Card Poker is one of the simplest of those poker variants, which offers fun and quick gameplay. Due to its speed, it has become one of the casinos’ and players’ favourite variants. Players at the table are dealt three cards, and the one of them who gets the best poker hand with those three cards is the one that wins.

You can play this game with the basic poker strategy, but then again, you would have to know how the poker hands are ranked, considering you’ll be playing with three cards instead of the classic five cards. Should you master the game, and we’re positive you would since it is extremely easy to learn, you should know that this game will provide you with RTPs of 98.5% and sometimes even higher.



Casino Hold’em

This is a fun variant of Texas Hold’em, invented by a guy who wanted to teach his friend how to play the most popular poker game. Since it was only the two of them, they eliminated the other players and created a game where the player only faces the dealer and no other players.

As such, Casino Hold’em is a really straightforward game of poker to try. You place an ante bet, see the cards dealt, and wait to see whether the dealer’s cards qualify for the game to continue. The dealer needs to have at least a pair of 4s, otherwise, the bet would be a push.

With optimal poker strategy for this game, you could win massive prizes with a house edge of only 2.2%. However, if you fold too often or bet too aggressively, you might face a house edge that goes from 3% to 4%. So before you get into it, you should learn the rules and practice the game for a while, if you want to get the best out of this awesome game of poker.

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Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker, as you can see from its name, is a game of poker with Chinese elements. It is basically a classic poker game with a modern twist, where players are dealt with seven cards and are allowed to form two winning hands out of those cards. This means that you get double the chances to win!

When it comes to the house edge, it usually starts from 2.5% but it can be bigger, depending on the version and the casino you’re playing it at.

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Caribbean Stud Poker

If you’ve been visiting online casinos that accept South African players, you have probably noticed that all of them offer the Caribbean Stud Poker. That’s because this is a very fun and simple game to play. You are not supposed to beat other players’ hands, but you need to beat the house here.

You need to place an ante bet, and then after the cards have been dealt, you can fold and forfeit your ante or continue playing and raise the bet. The most fun thing about this game is that it usually comes with a progressive side bet, which means this game can be incredibly rewarding should you hit that bet.

However, you should know that this is a game that comes with a much higher house edge than the games we discussed before, of 5%. This means that on your ZAR100, should you win, you will get back only ZAR95.

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Mississippi Stud Poker

This is another variant of poker that players love, and that’s because there is no dealer’s hand! It is still a five-card poker game where you place your ante bet, see the cards, and then continue betting if you want to, after seeing your first and second of the three community cards.

There’s a paytable that determines the payouts, of course, and the house edge. If you make poor decisions, the house edge could go up to 10%. But if you play it with a nice strategy, you lower that edge to 4.91% and even 1.37% of the total action.

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Video Poker

While the previously described games can be found in both land-based and online casinos, video poker games are usually found only at online casinos, even though you may see video poker machines along with slot machines on land-based casino floors, too.

Video poker is extremely popular in the online casino world. There are many reasons why. One of them is because it is way easier to practice and master the game since you have the rules and paytable right in front of your eyes. Another reason is that the game can be played for free online,  or using free bonuses therefore, you can get as much time practicing it as you want and need. And finally, the main reason why video poker variants are so popular is that they offer a really low house edge.

Your odds of winning playing video poker variants like Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild are huge! Believe it or not, video poker can deliver a house edge of only 0.5%, should you play your hands right. Before you decide on the video poker variant to play, make sure you check the payouts given on the Full House and Flush poker hands. These are the hands that pay best.

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