Online Gambling Payment Methods

online gambling payment methods

One of the most important features, procedures that players check when choosing an online casino is without question payment methods. Every day thousands if not millions of players use various methods to process a deposit or withdrawal from an online operator. All of the gambling enthusiasts not only in South Africa are usually quite an impatient bunch and don’t want to wait a long time for their account to be credited, so they can start playing straight away, and at the same time when you hit that big win, or just decide you have enough for now and want to withdraw your money from the casino account you want your hard-earned or hard-won cash to be available as quickly as possible.

Is it possible, not to wait days or even weeks for your money to be transferred between your and an online operator account? Years ago it wasn’t, as it took a while for all the operations to go through all the necessary checks and to be processed by banks, as majority went through the usual bank transfer, and sometimes it required even a visit in the bank. Now times have changed and more and more new and innovative payment methods come up that are faster, more secure and convenient than it was ever before. We at casinoexplorer will cover some of the most convenient deposit/withdrawal payment methods for South African players.


Payment methods Security

So we spoke about one of the key points in choosing online casino payment methods in modern times which is the time to process the transaction, the second one which is equally important for the player, but probably more important in the scope of things is the security of payment methods used by players in online casinos. Every responsible player is aware of the fact that without proper security protocols and licenses acquired and established by online operators and payment providers they put themselves and their finances at risk. That’s why it’s important to follow casinoexplorer reviews and updates to make sure that you only sign up and play in licensed casinos that offer you a secure deposit and withdrawal methods for that peace of mind.


Online Casinos transactions

Every online casino for obvious reasons Is relying on cashless transactions and is relying on many different procedures around those payment methods. The whole core and one of the most important features for online casinos is a possibility for a player for a smooth safe and convenient way to play for real money, meaning they have to provide secure payment methods. That means that operators need to do their due diligence in terms of payment providers used to be sure they protect the players, their finances and their identity from mistakes and leaks, so they can never be accessed by third parties. Casino player daily uses it mainly for 2 things:


  • Depositing their money using one of the payment options to play in online casino for real R
  • Withdrawing their winnings


Both transactions have separate procedures, limitations, and rules that both players and casinos have to adhere to.


How to deposit money in an online casino!

Depositing money in almost an instant is one of the key things that players are looking for while choosing an online operator and payment methods used by the casino. To deposit your money it usually takes few steps very similar regardless of the payment method chosen with only a few minor differences. First, a new player needs to register a new account with a chosen online operator. The second step is to follow the website and go to your newly created player account and the account panel where you should be able to easily navigate to the deposit tab. After clicking on the deposit tab in your account player you will be asked to choose the amount that you would like to deposit and preferred payment method. Please bear in mind and be Responsible before you decide how much to deposit, casinoexplorer encourages all the players to follow the advice of Responsible Gaming and only deposit only the amount that you can play with and can afford to lose without the fear of putting you into financial risk. Always gamble responsibly. Carrying on on the previous paragraph, while you decide on the amount you would like to deposit please make sure you read terms and conditions carefully as a lot of operators and payment providers put a limit on maximum deposits that can be done in one go therefore that is an important factor as well. Plus one thing worth mentioning as well even in an article on payment methods is to check if we can take advantage of some bonus especially when creating a new account, these usually come with a minimum deposit required so always worth that extra minute of research so we can maximize the bang for our buck. Casino explorer always provides the information on the operator review page so make sure you follow and stay up to date with our reviews.

After all the due diligence that we could’ve done is done and we have established:


  • The amount that we want to play with
  • The minimum deposit that is required
  • The payment method that we want to go for


All we have to do is click proceed (or similar, mostly depending on the UX and wording the site is using) and that’s it the money should be shortly on our account (of course depending on the payment method chosen), and we can proceed to enjoy the games.


How to withdraw money from an online casino

If there’s a deposit we always hope there is withdrawal as well at some point, as usual, that is the indication that we did well and not only had fun but managed to win something in down the road. Withdrawing money using one of the payment methods provided by the casino should be one of the most pleasurable moment for all the players. Therefore it must be as smooth, safe, and convenient as possible. To make it so and to save ourselves from any frustration and disappointment we have to make sure that we remember about a few simple rules:


  • In most of the casino operators, the withdrawal method has to be the same as the payment method that we have chosen for our deposit
  • If we took advantage of the free bonuses and managed to win the amount and are eligible for withdrawal of the bonus money won, some of the payment methods have to be unlocked first before they can be used, unlocked/verified therefore a small deposit amount may be required as a part of verification process before the withdrawal can be executed
  • In most online casino sites and with a majority of payment methods before we make the first withdrawal with a specific payment method we will need to go through a verification process to make sure that our transactions are safe, that usually comes in form of:
    • Sending a copy of government-approved id, copy or scan of a page with a photo
    • Sending a copy of your recent bank statement, or utility bill to be used as a proof of address for the particular payment provider
    • Sending a copy of credit card (always read carefully and make sure you don’t send the full photo of front and back of credit card, operators usually provide a detailed description which parts of the card you should blur out before sending for security reasons)
  • Even thou some withdrawal methods are considered instant but they can still take few hours to process, most of the payment methods will take few days, for details make sure you read through the payments offered and their terms and conditions on casinoexplorer and, or on an operator site
  • Some operators will send an email notification of the requested withdrawal amount that has to be signed and sent back as a written agreement to process the transaction


Most popular payment methods in South Africa

Here I will list some of the most popular payment methods in South Africa used for both deposit and withdrawals, we will elaborate and explain in more detail in separate articles to go through the step by step processes how to use them the best and what are their limitations and average times to process transactions.

casinoexplorer easyeft

casinoexplorer ecopayz

casinoexplorer neteller-logo

casinoexplorer sid instant

casinoexplorer skrill


Quick Summary of online casino payment methods

So to summarise if you are new to the online casinos or not new but always looking to catch up on new things and refresh your knowledge at casinoexplorer we recommend to pay attention to few things listed below:


  • Make sure that your chosen payment method in the casino is being supported for the currency you want to use and the country you are in, of course for us that means that it supports South African Rand transactions for South African Players, casino explorer always lists online casinos that accept Rand and South African Players
  • A payment method that you choose is the one that is the most convenient for you, it should be easy, convenient and most of all safe
  • Pay attention to deposit and withdrawal limits, always read in our reviews and refer to terms and conditions within the operator sites
  • To feel safe and make sure it’s the most convenient way, try to use the payment methods that are familiar to you and you have used before, it will increase the security and usually will shorten and limit the required additional documents to verify your identity
  • If you are taking advantage of a bonus, it being cash bonus or free spins, pay attention to terms and conditions as on occasion they determine the payment methods that can be used to be eligible for the particular bonus, and set up the minimum deposits and limits on transactions
  • Before you choose a deposit method, don’t assume that you will be able to withdraw your winnings using the same payment method. Always double-check so you won’t be disappointed down the road
  • Be responsible and only play with the amount that you can afford to lose, and the amount that if lost, won’t put you in financial crisis – Please Gamble Responsibly